Every industrial sector presents different challenges, from large area illumination at freight terminals to hazardous environmental situations at offshore oil rigs. Because of its advanced modular design, high quality standards and adaptability our solutions can cover every ground. This is why our customers and partners pick our modular design solutions over conventional products, because they have proven to be reliable under many circumstances.


Built for extreme environments

Facilities with high ambient temperatures are one of the most challenging areas for illumination. High temperature leads to a faster decay of luminous flux output and electrical components have reduced lifetime in such environments. This is why we work with a range of special high perfromance components to increase the effective lifetime of our luminaires, to ensure maximum performance for the longest duration. We have experience with large scale industrial applications in high temperature areas, as well as custom made designs for very specific environments such as pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Project Planning

Finding the most efficient solution

Lightbase is commited to support their customers and partners on every step of the way. From the selection of the right luminaire to the full integration of the solution into each individual project with CAD. We know how much effort goes into planning and managing projects that apply advanced technology solutions. This is why we offer our full support to integrate lighting into a wide range of projects.


Customized Design

The right solution for every project

Our experienced product design team is capable of rapid prototype development due to the extensive experience with customized projects. From integration of emergency battery systems to customized retrofits into hazardous environment encosings, our team has seen many cases where customizing lighting design was the key to success for our clients project.





We have partnerships with leading infrastructure and construction companies to provide the best service for large scale projects, such as tunnel, street lighting and airport lighting.

Reliable partners for large scale projects.



Complete package for your facility

In addition to our optimized light planning we can also provide full facility energy consulting, through our experienced partners.

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