Find out why our clients work with Lightbase for critical applications in reference projects.

Every industrial sector presents different challenges, from large area illumination at freight terminals to hazardous environmental situations at offshore oil rigs. We know this and take it into careful considerations when designing our luminaires and selecting our components for each application.

TURKEY - 2018

The biggest airport in Europe was a unique opportunity for our team to demonstrate the flexibility and reliability of our lighting systems on a large scale. With over 90 Code F aprons, suitable for B-747 or A-380 aircraft sizes and a total of over 240 aircraft parking positions our unique solution was selected because of its efficiency, modularity and overall design. In a second phase of the project our solution was also chosen to illuminate the entire fuel storage infrastructure of the airport.


For this critical infrastructure project a reliable, efficienct solution was required. Among general infrastrucutre illumination it was also required to provide a system for loading and fuel storage areas. Our system met the high ingress protection resistance requirements and in combination with flexible design of the luminaire systems it was possible to provide a solution that met the high expectations of the client.

DENMARK - 2018

Maritime environments count among the most challenging areas for illumination. High corrosion and fog lead to additional stress on the luminaires. For a leading maritime infrastructure provider in Denmark, Semco Maritime, our modular system, combined with special protective coatings was the only suitable system to achieve the targeted illuminance levels and provide a durable solution at the same time. The projects objective was to illuminate the shipping crane area of a large power plant directly at the sea.



GERMANY - 2017

When the BMW Group put out a tender for a general lighting overhaul for all their factories in Germany the entire lighting industry noticed. The standards for the project was quite high and we are proud to say that through precise adaption to the requirements of the client we managed to succeed in the area of large area indoor illumination. With over 5.000 luminaires placed at 9 different locations this project is one of the largest in scale in the entire automotive industry in Germany. By gathering valuable feedback through the cooperation with the BMW project team, many adaptions and improvements have been made to our high-end industrial lighting products.

GERMANY - 2016

The Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers for large scale maritime propellers for container ship and submarine applications worldwide. During the manufacturing process a propeller has to be milled down with very small tolerances to reduce the drag created by the surface of the propeller. For this special application Lightbase luminaires have been chosen, due to precise light distribution, high performance and high ingress protection from metal dust and corrosion, to outfit special milling machines which are operated manually by skilled technicians.

GERMANY - 2017

For this pharmaceutical processing plant a special solution in compliance to IFS standards was requested by the client. The requested luminaire package was integrated into heat resistant and durable frame system that was specifically designed for this project. The experience from this project enabled us to redesign one of our luminaire systems to match the high standards of the pharmaceutical and food processing industry and is now part of our regular product lineup.

CROATIA - 2016

Tunnel lighting standards have some of the most challenging criterias in the entire lighting field. High uniformity, low glare  ratings and high performance is key to provide safety in a tunnel. This is why we designed a complete lighting system especially for tunnels which at its core combines the efficiency and flexiblity of our modular systems with a durable frame that was optimized for easy maintenance and installation.

CROATIA - 2016

Street illumination is a field where durability, high efficiency and easy maintenance are key. This is why our street light fittings come with modular housing systems for easy access. Our experience in industrial lighting enabled us to design highly efficient systems for high mast highway and road illumination with up to 180 lm/W. High end components and flexible optical systems allow us to provide the best package for any road arrangement.


Logistics areas are a key component of our modern infrastructure. This is why we consider many external factors in our lighting designs for loading and terminal areas. In Hams Hall one of the largest engine production plants worldwide was outfitted with a combination of large area lighting solutions and high efficiency industrial luminaires, to provide a powerful package for the client, the UK Division of the BMW Group.

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